Presentation “Our Roots”

Наступного тижня команда молодих людей з України за підтримки Чернівецького представництва Громадянської мережі ОПОРА відправиться до Румунії. Нижче коротка інформація про проект “Our Roots”.

Our Roots is a project organized by 4YOUNG Association from Romania and addressed to young people between 18-25 years old. The multilateral youth exchange will be organized during 7 days in Romania, in a rural area, having partner organisations from Italy, Poland, Georgia, Ukraina, Republic of Moldova.

Our Roots project gives a chance to young people to discover and develop their artistic abilities towards crafts and to stimulate their entrepreneurship. Our Roots offers to the 36 participants coming from 6 different countries the chance to interact in a multicultural dialogue in order to find common values that can overcome cultural differences.

Facilitating joint activities for the participants coming from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, informal meetings during the visits in the community and the participation in popular holiday of Maneciu village are aimed at developing intercultural learning among young people, mutual understanding, promoting tolerance and equality, as well as inclusion of socially excluded groups.

Using activities based on nonformal methods, the participants will reflect and become aware of the responsabilities they have as European citizens; to take care and protect the cultural environment inherited and pass it to future generations.