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New media for NGO – inform, involve, activate

19.07.2014 | grigorij

The training course “New Media Instruments for NGO” has taken place in Chernivtsi (Ukraine) during 9 days. The aim of organizators of training – Chernivtsi NGO Civil Network OPORA was to provide youngsters from 7 different countries, an understanding about how we can use new (social) media and Internet to improve the work of our NGO, youth groups. We also increased our personal level of new media tools thanks to well developed and performed sessions. Each day of training course gave us new knowledge, tool for better understanding and use of social networks and other new media in our civic work.

Before started practical sessions we worked on creating a really united group, removing the barriers of shyness and breaking stereotypes that sometimes make more difficult the relation among individuals, playing games together and sharing information from us. With this exercises nobody could be separated from the others and the people became a family with close ties to each other. We drew our profiles in social networks at papers. It was funny to watch drown copy of our profiles. Also we shared our expectations and fears from this training course. The most remarkable session from the start of our training was the process of the creation and the presentation of our team song.

We spoke about the most famous media tools that we are using nowadays: Google +, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, learned how to use them effectively and efficiently. We get knowledge of social media management (how to post, to enlarge auditorium of pages, accounts in social networks etc.). Very useful and practical for us was our visit to local media. We visited different type of media (TV, radio, newspapers, online media). We talked to editors about use of new media in their work, cooperation with NGO and we asked to give us advices about such kind of cooperation. The main advice was to do something worth to be shown or to be written about.

During further sessions about new media we get advanced skills in use its tools. It is very important to pay attention on time of posting, audience, length and type of content. For keeping in touch with our auditory different kind of questionaries from Google service are very useful. We learned how to create forms with our questions, prepare presentations of results. We also talked about importance of audio and video visualization of NGO work. So the knowledge about Youtube and its tools seemed to be very necessaire for our civic work in our communities. Till the end of the training, thanks to good panned, prepared and realized training course we get deep and profound knowledge, advanced skills of new media instrument use.  Surely, we will share this knowledge between other members of our NGOs, revise our attitude to social networks. It is true – new media nowadays is not only to inform, but to involve and activate people.

Nadiia (VIRNA) Babynska, Civil Network OPORA


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